Navigator Grant

The Navigator Grant Funds will be awarded to eligible organizations to assist Covered California-eligible consumers to successfully enroll and re-enroll in a Health Insurance Plan on behalf of Covered California. Grantees are expected to conduct outreach, education, enrollment, renewal assistance, and post-enrollment support. Grantees are also expected to conduct effective outreach activities, via in-person events, as well as virtual or digital outreach. The Grant is awarded via a Request For Application process on a typically three-year cycle.

2019-22 Navigator Grant Application Schedule (RFA #2018-16)

May 14, 2019: Timeline Revisions

Activity Approximate Date
Release of Navigator Request for Application Solicitation April 3, 2019
Grant Applicant Webinar with Questions and Answers April 9, 2019
Last Day to Submit Inquiries and Questions April 9, 2019
Response to Applicant Questions Posted on Covered California’s Website April 16, 2019
Letter of Intent to Respond Due (Optional) April 16, 2019
Final Application Submission Due April 23, 2019
Grant Application, Evaluation, and Selection Process April 24, 2019 – May 24, 2019
Notification of Intent to Award Posted on Covered California’s Website May 24, 2019
Last Day to Submit Protest May 31, 2019
Navigator Grant Award Period July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2022

2019-22 Navigator RFA #2018-16 Webinar 

Funding Recommendations

2019-22 Navigator Funding Recommendations: Intent to Award

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