Marketing, Outreach, and Enrollment Assistance (MOEA) Advisory Group

Covered California has established the Marketing, Outreach, and Enrollment Assistance (MOEA) Advisory Group to be well informed and provide input to the Covered California Board and staff on critical issues related to Covered California’s efforts to assure as many Californians as possible are aware of and use its services.

The MOEA Advisory Group collects perspectives from key experts and stakeholders, provides advice and recommendations, and serves as a sounding board to Covered California staff to assist in the continual refinement of outreach, marketing, and enrollment assistance efforts to meet Covered California’s mission. The MOEA Advisory Group also advises staff on how to best reach specific targeted populations as well as reducing the number of California’s uninsured, many of whom are unaware they may be eligible for subsidies. Together with Covered California staff, the MOEA Advisory Group established a charter highlighting its purpose, scope, objectives and membership.

Upcoming Meetings

All meetings are open to members of the public. Please review the meeting agenda upon available for instructions on how to join the meeting.

  • Date: Tuesday, August 27, 2024 1:00PM - 4:00PM

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Past meeting information can be found under the “Archived Meetings” on the right of this webpage, under the MOEA Advisory Group Resources section.

Membership Roster

The MOEA Advisory Group is a non-voting group of volunteers that are leaders in their industries. The advisory group consists of 30 members serving two-year terms and meets twice per year.

Invitation to Join Covered California Marketing, Outreach, and Enrollment Assistance (MOEA) Advisory Group:

Covered California is seeking stakeholder entities to join our Marketing, Outreach, and Enrollment Assistance (MOEA) Advisory Group for the next two-year term, September 2024 - August 2026, through an application and selection process. Please click here to read more about the application information and how to apply.