Covered California Native American And Alaska Native Partner Toolkit

Californians who are Native American and Alaska Natives have access to unique benefits under the Affordable Care Act. For an overview of those benefits, please click here. Below are materials that are intended to assist consumers, providers, plans and others learn more.

Tribal Consultation Meeting

The next Tribal Consultation meeting will be help in the fall of 2021. Information and materials on past consultation meetings can be found here.

Training Resource: Covered California Benifits For AI/AN Consumers

This slide deck provides a detailed look at the structure of the Affordable Care Act and the benefits that AI/AN consumers are eligible for. This resource is best suited for enrollers, agents, clinic staff and others who are looking for the technical information on eligibility and enrollment.

Slide Deck

Purchased/Reffered Care Model Referral Form

This form is an editable model that can be adapted by providers, health provider staff and others who are serving Californians who are seeking a referral from their IHS/Urban/Tribal health care provider to receive care from a Covered California health plan with zero cost sharing.

Click here for Model Form

Covered California Rates and Plans

Every year Covered California publishes a comprehensive review of all of the health insurance companies and health insurance plans available to each consumer in California. You can use this book to see what plans are available in your area. Every health insurance plan is required to offer health plans specific to American Indians and Alaska Natives that offer access to care at reduced costs depending on income. For more information about AI/AN health plans, click the link below:

2020 Rate Book

Roster Of I/T/U Providers and Covered California Plan Networks

Covered California contracts with individual health plans to offer health insurance plans to consumers. Each Qualified Health Plan (QHP) curates and manages their own network of hospitals and providers. Covered California encourages its QHPs to include Indian Health Service (IHS), tribes and tribal organizations, and urban Indian organization providers in their networks (these three types of providers are sometimes referred to as I/T/U providers). Below is a map of I/T/U providers in California, and also a roster of the providers and the plan networks they are part of. These resources are an ongoing work in progress as plan networks change over time.

Map of I/T/U Providers
Roster of Providers and Networks