Medical Loss Ratio Information

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services provide Medical Loss Ratio data on their website:

Select a reporting year, select “California”, and then enter the legal name of the company you’re interested in:

  • “Aetna Health of California Inc.”
  • “Blue Cross Of California” for Anthem BlueCross
  • “California Physicians' Service”  for Blue Shield of California
  • “Chinese Community Health Plan” for CCHP Health Plan
  • “Health Net Of California, Inc.” for Health Net CA
  • "Inland Empire Health Plan" for Inland Empire Health Plan (No data prior to 2024)
  • “Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc.” for Kaiser Permanente
  • “Local Initiative Health Authority for Los Angeles County” for LA Care Health Plan
  • “Molina Healthcare of California” for Molina Healthcare
  • “Santa Clara County” for Valley Health Plan
  • “Sharp Health Plan”
  • “Western Health Advantage”