HBEX11 - Administration of the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) Solicitation

The Exchange is seeking proposals from qualified Vendors to provide for the Administration of the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP). The Exchange seeks to contract with a Vendor for the following sales and operational services: Sales Support and Fulfillment, Agent and General Agent Management, Eligibility and Enrollment, Financial Management, Customer Service, and Information Technology Services.  The Vendor is expected to support the business functions of the Exchange for SHOP in order to begin enrollment in health insurance coverage by the start of initial open enrollment in October 2013.

Please note the following:

  • The Model Contract for the Administration of SHOP Solicitation is in development and will be posted as an Addendum.
  • The Exchange reserves the right to formally modify the Solicitation with an Addendum during the Solicitation process.
  • The last day to submit (a) Questions for Clarification of the Solicitation and (b) Notice of Intent to Bid is 10/17/12 at 12:00pm PST.
  • Please submit all correspondence to:
    • Kelly Long
      Associate Governmental Program Analyst
      California Health Benefit Exchange
      560 J Street, Suite 290
      Sacramento, CA 95814
      Email: HBEXSolicitation@hbex.ca.gov
      Exchange Office: (916) 323-3539
  • Stakeholder or Vendor comments can be sent to the email above using Attachment 25 – Inquiries of the solicitation document.

Administration of SHOP Solicitation (posted 10/12/12) 

Administration of SHOP Solicitation: Final for Bidder Response

Administration of SHOP Attachments

Administration of SHOP Appendices

Addendum # 1 (posted 10/16/12)

Notice of Intent to Respond

Addendum # 2 (posted 10/22/12)

Administration of SHOP Solicitation: Vendor Inquiries Addressed

Vendor Inquiry Responses v2 (Updated 10/26/12)

Addendum # 3 (posted 10/25/12)

Model Agreement

Addendum # 4 (posted 10/29/12)

Administration of SHOP Soliciation: Final for Bidder Response - Addendum # 4

Attachment 23 - Bid Schedule - Addendum # 4

Model Agreement - Addendum # 4

Addendum # 5 (posted 11/1/12)

Vendor Inquiry Responses v3 (Updated 11/1/12)

Notice of Intent to Award (posted 1/28/13)

Notice of Intent to Award