RFP 2018-06 - Real Estate & Construction Project Management Advisory Services

The current leases for Covered California (sometimes referred to as “Agency”) are nearing expiration. Covered California is researching options for a future office location in the Sacramento area that will meet Covered California’s search criteria, accommodate the current space needs, and include expansion potential for future growth. Contractor will facilitate Covered California’s efforts to secure a new office location. Under Covered California’s direction, Contractor will analyze and research business/economic incentives; site search and selection; planning and due diligence for the building/space; and tenant representation/project-construction management services.

Covered California is developing an internal unit to manage real estate and construction projects for the agency, and requires Contractor’s services to develop this unit. While smaller tenant improvements and construction projects will be conducted during the initial contract term, the services provided under this contract will contribute to a larger-scale construction project which must be completed by April 1, 2022.

The Contractor must be prepared to work collaboratively with Covered California to address unexpected issues as needed. Additionally, outside counsel will be involved in a variety of ways as the project proceeds, and all parties will work collaboratively together under the direction of Covered California.