RFP 2017-09 – Virtual Assistant/ChatBot Platform

The purpose of this Agreement is for a Contractor to provide a Platform for virtual assistants / chatbots with the capabilities to incorporate cognitive computing. The Platform must include the ability to develop, implement and maintain one or more of the following: Chatbots, Digital Personal Assistants, Roboadvisors. Through consumer focus testing, Covered California has determined that the preferred user interface to consumers would consist of a chat-like interface, therefore, we are seeking a platform that provides for a chat-like user interface to the consumer / end user. The Platform shall integrate with an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution and web-based applications through standards-based Application Programming Interfaces (API’s). Covered California shall license the Platform from the Contractor, who will implement, maintain and operate the Platform pursuant to the terms of this Agreement. We are aware that the platforms are numerous with varying elements and continually evolving. With those considerations Covered California is seeking a bidder with strong experience with the proven solutions that can deploy a flexible and modular Platform that can be easily updated and enhanced to remain aligned with the roadmap as the capabilities to incorporate natural language processing, machine learning, and robotic process automation evolve.

Covered California desires to improve our consumers’ experience with the use of virtual assistants / chatbots to assist consumers with navigation and transaction completion of tasks including, but not limited to, Password Reset, Forms Printing, and FAQs. Covered California also expects to improve the availability of live agents to assist consumers with more complex inquiries such as actual enrollment; while moving transactional contacts into digital channels and to increase self-serve on the web, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and social media.