RFP 2016-08 Help On-Demand

The purpose of this Agreement is to secure a web-based solution that provides consumers a mechanism for accessing what Covered California calls “Help On-Demand”. Currently, on CoveredCA.com, a consumer does have the option to “Find Local Help”, however, this option allows a consumer to search for a Certified Insurance Agent or a Certified Enroller, then refine their search by name, or a combination of proximity to location and language.[1] The consumer can then either call or visit the storefront of an Agent or Certified Enroller, or they have an option, if they have already started an application for insurance, to “delegate” the application to the Agent or Enroller from within their on-line application. In either instance, the consumer may have to wait for a callback from the Agent or Enroller which could be hours or days later or find accommodating storefront hours of operation.