RFP 2015-31 Print Fulfillment Services

​The purpose of this RFP is to obtain print and fulfillment services to support the Outreach, Education and Enrollment functions of Covered California. 

Covered California is a rapidly evolving organization with need for a Print and Fulfillment vendor that can manage complex collateral production, mailings and distribution needs across California.  Collateral pieces will be used by the statewide outreach, education and enrollment network to raise awareness of and educate consumers.  Messages and or piece components may be changed based on refinement requirements, and it is important for Covered California to partner with a vendor that can assist in balancing appropriate production approaches to meet demand for materials, while minimizing waste of stored materials that may be updated or replaced with new versions. Critical to success is the ability to maintain awareness of utilization and versions of materials that are in circulation.

In addition to managing production, the selected Contractor will be required to manage order accounts for multiple grantees, entities and partners.

Covered California reserves the right to retain the services of the organization selected as a result of this RFP to assist with other related activities and projects embarked upon by Covered California during the established contract period, or through a contract amendment.