RFP 2013-08: Clinical Network Analytics

2/26/2014 Update: Covered California has decided to extend the release date of the final RFP. Please check this website for additional updates, but Covered California does not anticipate posting the final RFP until late April or the beginning of May.

1/29/14 Update:  Covered California will not be posting Draft RFP comments received from vendors.

Date: January 15, 2014

FOR: All Interested Parties

SUBJECT: Draft Request for Proposal (RFP) for Clinical and Network Analytics 2013-08

The California Health Benefit Exchange/Covered California encourages all interested parties to review and comment on this Draft RFP for the acquisition of Clinical and Network Data Analytics.

Covered California welcomes comments and suggestions on any aspect of the Draft RFP, but specifically requests feedback on the scope of expectations needed for a complete response to the RFP.  All comments should be submitted in two separate general functional areas:

1. Technical: Comments related to all aspects of schedule, performance, specifications, and operations.

2. Administrative: Comments related to contract terms and conditions, costs, and any other comments not fitting in the technical section.

Draft versions of the RFP templates are currently being developed and will be released prior to the closing of the Draft RFP comment period, if time permits.
Please submit all responses to the sole point of contact listed in Section 1.2 of the Draft RFP by the due date listed in Section 1.3.

This Draft RFP is not a request for proposal and no award will be made as a result of this announcement.  Further, this announcement does not obligate Covered California to release the final RFP or promise that should a final RFP be released, that it will substantially be the same as this Draft RFP.

Thank you for your interest in this announcement.

2013-08 Clinical and Network Analytics – DRAFT RFP (pdf)
2013-08 Clinical and Network Analytics – DRAFT RFP (docx)

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