RFP 2013-08: Enterprise Analytics Solution

Covered California is seeking an analytics solution to support its role as an “active purchaser,” which requires a sophisticated analytics capacity to support a wide range of enterprise needs including product/benefit design, marketing, pricing, actuarial, access to care, health disparity reduction, quality and network management decisions and policy commitments.

Covered California encourages all interested parties to fully review this Request for Proposal (RFP), and if qualified, to respond.

1/20/2015 – Please see Addendum 5 documents below.

12/22/2014 – Please see Addendum 4 documents below.

11/25/2014 – Please see Addendum 3 documents below.

11/6/2014 – See below for Covered California’s responses to the questions submitted by potential bidders on 10/30/2014.

10/20/2014 - This is now an ACTIVE SOLICITATION. See Addendum 2 items below which replace the original RFP.

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