Financial Management Division

The Financial Management Division plans, implements and guides all financial related activities of Covered California, including finance, accounting, forecasting, budgeting and governmental compliance. This includes coordinating and preparing Covered California’s annual financial plan. The plan is developed to ensure divisions have sufficient resources to meet program operations to fulfill the mission. The financial plan is administered consistent with pertinent state laws, policies and guidelines to safeguard Covered California’s assets.

Types of positions in Financial Office:

  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Executive Assignment (C.E.A.)
  • Staff Services Manager I, II, III
  • Accounting Administrator II/III
  • Accountant I (Specialist)
  • Accountant Trainee
  • Senior Accounting Officer (Specialist)
  • Accounting Officer (Specialist)
  • Accounting Administrator I (Supervisory)
  • Accounting Administrator (Specialist)
  • Associate Accounting Analyst
  • Associate Administrative Analyst – Accounting Systems
  • Research Analyst II (General)
  • Research Program Specialist I
  • Staff Services Analyst
  • Associate Governmental Program Analyst
  • Office Technician (Typing)
  • Executive Assistant