Information on Cost-Sharing and Payments With Respect To Out-of-Network Coverage

You can find information about Out-of-Network costs for each Qualified Health Plan (QHP) offered on the Exchange on the Covered California website, via the PREVIEW PLANS functionality found in SHOP AND COMPARE. This will allow you to view the “Summary of Benefits and Coverage” for each Plan, for each QHP, and find the Out-of-Network costs.

Click on the following link ( to visit the PREVIEW PLANS page directly. The documentation below shows how to navigate there manually.

Click the “Shop and Compare” button.

Having arrived on the page, enter the required customer information, and then click “See My Results.”

You will be taken to the next page where you may click the “Preview Plans” button at the bottom of the page.

You will have the opportunity to filter for a specific doctor, dentist, or hospital if you so choose.

Continue to click the “Next” button as you scroll through a few more questions about your specific health care needs.

Click on the “View Plans” button to see all the QHPs available to you on the Exchange based on the information you entered.

Pick one you’re interested in and click the “View Detail” button.

Click on the “Summary of Benefits and Coverage” link to see a pop-up question allowing you to “Open” the document for that plan in which you’ll be able to find the Out of Network costs.