Monies Lost to Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

Qualified Health Plan Issuers have provided information on the amount of money lost to fraud, waste, and abuse across their entire book of business (the total amount of insurance on an issuer's books at a particular point in time), not just Covered California. Please note the issuers offering health plans through Covered California range in size from national issuers offering many products to smaller regional issuers.

Monies Lost to Fraud, Waste, and Abuse – 2015

Anthem Blue Cross: $208,830,944.63

Blue Shield of California: $62,000,000

CCHP Health Plan: $0

Health Net: $2,506,834.00

Kaiser Permanente: $0

LA Care Health Plan: Information to Come Soon.

Molina Healthcare: $124,818.90

Oscar: Oscar wasn’t available for purchase from Covered California until 2016.

Sharp Health Plan: $0

Valley Health Plan: Information coming in 2017.

Western Health Advantage: $0